Totally Top Model

Teyona Anderson

Teyona Anderson, 20, New Jersey

Teyona Anderson is the 12th winner of ANTM. She won because of her edgy poses and her fierce runway walk. During the show, Teyona mentioned that she was abit of a tomboy as she grew up around boys. Her tough exterior got her through many battles in the house, including those against fellow contestants, Celia Ammerman, Allison Harvard and Fo Porter. During the final 2 runway, Teyona was applauded by the judges for waving her weave around in a sexual manner when it came out of her head. This received many complaints from the viewing public as not only did Teyona wave her weave around but fellow contestant, Allison Harvard's underwear was so severe that it had to be cencored out. It was a tough top 2 portfolio battle, but the judges felt Teyona wanted it a little bit more, therefore crowing the 12th top model.

Post Show
Teyona is currently signed with Elite Model Management in New York City & Cape Town and is still taking test shots and doing abit of print. Teyona was nominated for a Teen Choise Award 2009 under the catagory, 'Choice TV Female Reality/Variety Star'. Unfortinatly she did not win.

Allison Harvard

Allison Harvard, 20, Louisiana                                             (Left The Industry)

Allison Harvard was undoubtably the fan favourate in cycle 12. Her creepy sketches and love for nosebleeds left the viewers hungry for more. Before appearing on the show, Allison posted creepy pictures of herself on a website called '4chan' under the name 'Creepy-Chan' which sparked much intrest of her prior to the show. Allison had 2 bottom 2 appearences, one of which was for her weak preformance in the commercial. Although fans thought Allison deserved the title of ANTM, she only made 2nd place.

Post Show
Whilst on the ANTM Cycle 12 Reunion show held within the Tyra Show, Allison was offered a contract with Nous Model Management along with fellow contestant, Fo Porter. Allison took the offer but shortly after left the industry.

Aminat Ayinde

Aminat Ayinde, 21, New Jersey

Aminat was best known for her argument with fellow contestant, Natalie Pack. She consistantly called her stupid.

Post show
Has done some modelling for Zulu Rose.

Celia Ammerman

Celia Ammerman, 25, Kentucky

Celia Ammerman was often told that she looked to old to model. This is mostly what led to her elimination. She was most memorable for standing infront of Tyra in pannel and telling her that fellow contestant, Tahlia Brookins no longer wanted to be here. Tyra gave Celia a mouthful and told her to take her place.

Post show
Celia has a spread in the New York Post, She has also done a photoshoot for VOGUE Italia. Celia is also working on designing.

Felicia Porter

Felicia 'Fo' Porter, 18, New Mexico

Fo Porter was a bubbly brunette who had freckels on her face. She was most memorable for her cute persona and her fierce red powder photo, which got 5th place in the 50 Best ANTM Photo's voted by the public. she was eliminated because of her lack of heigh which had only been recently brought up, also because of her bad film that week.

Post show
Fo is signed with Nous Model Management in LA. Fo has also done campaigns for big name brands such as Nike and Abercrombie and Fintch.

Natalie Pack

Natalie Pack, 19, California

Natalie Pack was most memorable for her fued with fellow contestant, Aminat Ayinde. She was eliminated because the judges felt she had gotten as good as she was going to get.

Post show
Natalie is signed with Ford Models in LA. She has modelled for Jockey and other brands including BL!SSS. She has also done verious test shots.

Lauren Levi-Nance

Lauren 'London' Levi-Nance, 18, Texas

London was a outspoken street preacher from Texas. During the show she gained alot of extra weight, because of this the judges decided to eliminate her.

Post show
London has taken some test shots and has posed for Playboy.

Tahlia Brookins

Tahlia Brookins, 18, Arizona

Tahlia Brookins is a tragic burn victim. When she was just a baby, Tahlia pulled a coffee cord and the hot water spilt on her. She has had 18 surgeries while growing up, where she has to have skin removed from other parts of her body to cover the scars. Tahlia caused alot of drama in the house when she declared she wished she wasent there. At pannel fellow contestant, Celia Ammerman stood up at Kortnie's elimination and told Tyra about what Tahlia had said. Tyra told Celia to go back to her space and not to plot on other girls. Back at the home cycle 12's biggest bitch fight went on between fellow contestants, Aminat Ayinde, Teyona Anderson, Allison Harvard, Celia Ammerman and Natalie Pack. Tahlia was eliminated for a weak photo and lack of confidence.

Post show
Tahlia had an interview with People Magazine and has announced that she is expecting a child.

Sandra Nyanchoka

Sandra Nyanchoka, 19, Maryland

Sandra Nyanchoka was most known as cycle 12's bitch. She had fued's with fellow contestants, Angelea, Nijah Harris, Celia Ammerman and Allison Harvard. Sandra's most memorable moment was when she repeated "Your 25 years old" at Celia.

Post show
Sandra is signed with Major Model Management in New York and has taken multiple test shots.

Kortnie Coles

Kortnie Coles, 24, Texas

Kortnie Coles was the plussized contestant in cycle 12. She was best known for her humorous personality. She was eliminated because the judges didn't think she was fully commited to the compitition, also her portfolio had been weak.

Post show
Kortnie is signed with Wilhemina Models in New York and has taken a few test shots.

Nijah Harris

Nijah Harris, 18, California

Nijah Harris was the 3rd girl to be eliminated from cycle 12. She was eliminated because of her stiffness in photo's. She was most memorable for her fued with fellow contestant, Sandra Nyanchoka and her dance in casting.

Post show
Nijah appeared on the Tyra Banks Show and did a photoshoot with fellow contestants, Jessica Santiago and Isabella Falk.

Jessica Santiago

Jessica Santiago, 19, Peutro Rico

Jessica was most memorable for her belief that she was the prettyest girl in the compitition, this led to her elimination.

Post show
Jessica is signed with Ford Models in LA and  has taken a few test shots, She appeared on the Tyra Banks Show for a special photoshoot with fellow contestants, Nijah Harris and Isabella Falk.

Kelly Falk

Kelly 'Isabella' Falk, 19, Virginia

Isabella Falk was the first contestant to be eliminated from cycle 12. She suffers from epilepsy. A condition when you can have a seizure at flashing lights etc.. She was eliminated due to a bad and awkward photoshoot.

Post show
Isabella is signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago, under the name Kelly Marie.